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About Panchgani

Only three kms from the project and sixteen kms from Mahabaleshwar, the hill station of Panchagani is lesser known to tourists but no less inviting. Swoops around bends with abandon, offering heart stopping views of the river krishna on one side & the coastal plains on the other. Once strongly recommended for consumptive Britishers, the air here is rich in oxygen content and the water is said to contain traces of hemoglobin boosting iron. Panchagani is the quintessential hill station, with the Raj stamped indelibly all over it. It can be seen in the old architecture of the old British buildings, the parsi houses, & the boarding schools that have been for a century or more. A key geographical feature is the table topped plateau (panch = five, gani=plateaus) shaped by flattened volcanic rock.

In the evenings it turns into a makeshift fair with ferries wheels, pony rides and a variety of food stalls. Panchagani is often referred to as the 'Mecca of Maharashtra' If you want to enjoy the beauty of the hill Station Panchagani you may go for a pony ride. The ride through the hamlets, farms and ravines with the gorgeous greens and the ravishing river Krishna of Panchagani will surely enchant you.

In Panchagani there are so many old British buildings and Parsi houses though the most famous are the educational institutes. There are as many as twenty boarding schools in Panchagani.

Panchagani with its pristine natural beauty and rejuvenating oxygen levels boats of a TB Sanatorium. Patients are known to get better faster at Panchagani owing to the pure environs offered at Panchagani.

Panchagani is a pleasant hill resort that does not experience major temperature variations. Though the monsoons are rather heavy, the temperature ranges between sixteen and thirty-five degrees throughout the year. The months from September to May are the best time to visit Panchagani.

Panchgani is known for its many boarding schools established since the late 19th century. They attract students from the nearby cities of Mumbai and Pune, and also from abroad.